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Hillsdale College Online Town Hall:
Our Choice Today: Bureaucratic Despotism or the Constitution

Hillsdale's half-day program on "Our Choice Today: Bureaucratic Despotism or the Constitution" makes for perfect group viewing. Whether for citizen groups, book clubs (Start off by reading the Constitution!), classroom instruction, or church-related and other community gatherings, the town hall can easily be viewed on flat screen TVs and projector screens. (You must first register for the town hall.) If you are interested in organizing a group viewing of the town hall, the information below lists the technology you'll need.

If you're planning to view any part of the program as a group, we are interested in hearing about your plans and learning about your group!

Please email us at kirbycenter@hillsdale.edu. We'll also be happy to address any questions you might have about the program or viewing the program as a group.

Technology Needed for Group Viewing:
  • High speed Internet connection that supports a 700k stream;

  • Computer with Windows Media or Flash media player software installed;
  • Projector or flat screen TV (recommended screen sizes are 6'x8' or 3'x4');
  • USB cords, power cables, and extension cords; and
  • ;
  • Audio speaker system (stand alone speakers or public address system) that can connect into the 1/8" mini plug on the computer.

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